Happy 1st Anniversary at Chez Gilles Fine Dining and Catering. Today it is time to give Thanks to all of you who have strongly and faithfully show your support in the last year to help me to make a difference in many different ways in our community. Canada Day 2021 is a day to remember all our beloved Children, daughters and Son off God who have never returned home. I pray that today that our politicians and Church leader will embrace the truth and reconciliation with heart and show action not only words.Thank you every for all your support and your Love. Together we can make a difference in our community. Thank you to each staff member who are working here still with me and those who have work here in the pass. Thank you to all the Volunteers who have been involved with me in our outreach ministry and community meal program. Thank you to Theresa Gallant and Norma Jarvis-McCauley for your fine touch and those beautiful Balloons on the patio this morning. Looking forward to.work for you and with you to make a difference in our beautiful community. God Bless.Chef Gilles

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