What can we do to help support our local businesses?


It’s not easy owning a small business in a small community, especially when seemingly every week there’s a change to the way you’re forced to operate; changes to covid restrictions, updates on health and safety guidelines, home schooling constantly distracting you; the list is seemingly endless!


All of our local businesses in Meaford are doing their best to stay open and serve their customers, and ensure staff remain employed; business models have had to be changed and many owner operators are actually working more hours just to keep up with the changes.


So what can we do to help?


The biggest thing is of course buying local, whether grocery shopping (online or in person) or buying shoes or school supplies over the phone for curbside pickup, dedicating a night (or 2) to trying takeout from somewhere different to normal, or buying prepared meals from any one of our fantastic local eating options in town.


The other major thing that you can do is support businesses through word of mouth and by liking and sharing their social media posts with your friends and family. If you had a fantastic takeout meal from a restaurant take pictures and post on your personal Facebook or Instagram (tagging the restaurant); not only does this help to raise awareness and help with marketing, but it also gives the restaurant owners and their staff a great moral boost.


At Chez Gilles we are continuing to offer the community meal program in partnership with the Anglican Church. The elderly, those in financial need and families with children are offered a free meal delivered to their door (vegetarian available). This is made possible through our local community and business assistance; whether donations of food for the meals, volunteering time to help prepare package and deliver, or offering financial assistance to the program. Please email chefgilles@chezgillesmeaford.ca to register for a meal or offer assistance.


As well offering a slightly adjusted takeout menu during lockdown, we also offer a variety of Acadian and French influence staples, groceries, delicacies, and frozen prepared meals. These can be ordered online at chezgillesmeaford.ca/store over the phone 519-538-9262 or by email orders@chezgillesmeaford.ca


Friday nights we offer feature 3 course dinners for $50 per person, either takeout or delivery. Friday 15th we are offering Seafood Chowder, Steak and Shrimp Mornay with potato gratin and sautéed vegetables, and chef’s chocolate cake to finish the meal. These can also be ordered online at chezgillesmeaford.ca/store over the phone 519-538-9262 or by email orders@chezgillesmeaford.ca


Wishing everybody a safe and happy new year, we look forward to hosting you for takeout (and hopefully restaurant dining soon).


Owner & Executive Chef: Gilles Haché

Manager & Maître D’: Simon Newbold



Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm

Friday and Saturday from 11am